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Floor Safety Testimonials


Thank you for slip-proofing the floors at my five McDonald's stores. The staff noticed instantly and commented how much safer they feel when wet.  Since you have applied the Anti-Slip solution in the kitchen and customer areas, the employees are impressed that the product actually does what you said it would do. We are confident now that our customers will be safe with the existing tile floors and hopefully we will have zero slip-fall accidents.


Please feel free to use this note in anyway to help promote your product.  It works!


Charles Lietz

Owner/Operator, McDonald's

Dunkin’ Donuts

Thank you for treating the floors in our flagship Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins location.  We appreciate you solving our slippery tile problem and making our floors safer when wet.  On top of knowing our valuable staff and precious customers are safe, we particularly like the fact you are guaranteeing our OSHA compliance for 2 years.  That peace of mind is truly an added value. 


We look forward to using your services in our many other locations.


Chris Sargent

Partner, Catalano Companies

(Dunkin Donuts, Dolce Wood Fired Italian Grille, Dolce Brands)

Antimicrobial Testimonials

East Celebrity Elite

Thank you for treating the floors, mats and the entire gym with your antimicrobial product.  Since we have hundreds of kids and parents come through here on a daily basis from so many different schools and towns, we need to do everything possible to keep our students, parents and staff healthy.  We look forward to using your services and creating a long-term relationship. 


ECE Owners

East Celebrity Elite Cheerleading Gym


DeSanctis Insurance

Our staff is what makes this company successful.  Keeping them healthy regardless of season is paramount.  Treating our 10,000 sq ft space with your Nano-Shield product is just what the doctor ordered and it’s great to see you can prove the results.  Let me know if you ever need a reference and I will be there for you. Thank you again for turning the treatment around so quickly and without disruption to my operation.


Adam DeSanctis

President, DeSanctis Insurance Agency, Inc.


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